Flexible Solutions for Manufacturing Resource Planning

flexible manufacturing system

Very flexible manufacturing systems
Optimal production scheduling made easy

Learn more about our industry-specific flexible manufacturing systems:

  • Simply put, our new ultra flexible Manufacturing Systems specifically designed for Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) can do your production scheduling optimally, without any need for human intervention.
  • Our Automatic Procurement, Automatic Commitment and Shop Floor Scheduler modules will handle your material requirements planning by creating Purchase Orders and Work Orders, and then automating your production scheduling by using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to assign those Work Orders to your plant floor resources for production.
  • Our Manufacturing Resource Planning Suites provide advanced automatic planning of your inventory and resource availability through completely automated material requirements planning.
  • The Manufacturing suites permanently keep an optimized Supply Chain Plan, simplifying your purchasing decisions and minimizing your investment in raw material Inventories for your dynamically changing material requirements planning.
  • And our very flexible manufacturing system is tightly integrated with our accurate perpetual inventory system and financial accounting.
  • Our unique automatic optimizing Shop Floor Scheduler is based on Artificial Intelligence techniques to do your production scheduling and will get the most value from your existing plant resources.