Wholesale, Distribution and Importing

distribution management system

Manage your wholesale distribution business with our flexible distribution management system

Learn more about our industry-specific distribution management system:

  • Our order management system provides easy and intuitive taking of new Orders, with automatic handling of Back Orders, auto committing of merchandise to Orders and an automated shipping cost calculator.
  • In our order management system the Sales Orders can always be edited or deleted by users with the proper security permissions.
  • The order management system provides automatic handling of the procurement of merchandise on Back Order, with auto consolidation of procuring Purchase Orders and discrimination by destination for Drop Ship Orders.
  • Our distribution management system provides complete integration to our Perpetual Inventory System in real time, for multiple (unlimited) warehouses, and optional Inventory by Location inside the Warehouses.
  • Automatic Consignment handling permits automatic Consignment invoicing.
  • Calculation of real Cost of Goods Sold by automatic propagation of Landing Costs allows the system to calculate the Cost of Goods Sold and the Gross Profits based on the Landed Costs.
  • We provide an integrated totally automated shipping cost calculator that communicates in real time with UPS, FedEx and the USPS for optimizing shipping costs. The shipping cost calculator can automatically handle regular and negotiated shipping rates, as well as flat rate boxes.