Multi-Level Multi-Company Consolidation

Multi-Level Multi-Company Consolidation Our ERP systems allow for multiple independent companies (legal entities) to be managed independently of each other, each company with its own database.

Companies can be organized in groups, and consolidate into a separate company at the top of the group.

Group companies can consolidate further, and consolidate with individual companies as well, to form larger groups.

Companies can be organized in hierarchical groups, like local companies into regional companies, then regionals into nationwide, and so on, with no limits on the number of levels of consolidation.

Companies must share a basic skeleton Chart of Accounts to be consolidated.

Consolidation occurs by the automatic, one-click posting of summary Journal Entries in the consolidating group company, reflecting the activity of the company to consolidate for every period.

Each consolidating group company can have its own activity, added to the consolidated information loaded.

Financial Reports and other Results Statements can be displayed and printed for the consolidating group companies.