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Clothing and Apparel

Clothing and Apparel Our ERP software comes with integrated matrix inventory, for matrices by color and size for each style, allowing taking orders by specifying quantities of the different combinations of color and size on a graphic interactive screen that displays the available inventory of each combination.

Orders can be edited using the same matrix, and individual order lines can also be placed manually without the use of the color/size matrix.

This functionality comes with our solid infrastructure for handling and planning Inventory, calculating accurate landing costs and Cost of Goods Sold and processing the accounting and financials.

Plus, we offer a very comprehensive Web Store, top of the line in features, and cutting edge in technology, that is seamlessly integrated with the Inventory and Sales Modules in real time, to provide real time information about availability and pricing, and that posts the orders and payments directly into our operational ERP, so the online orders only have to be fulfilled and shipped, after which the Web Store provides real time tracking information from the carriers.
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