Inventory Dashboard for our ERP Suites

Inventory Dashboard Our Inventory Dashboard will optimize and simplify the purchasing process for you, by creating the required Purchase Orders automatically, based on your actual sales requirements combined with your seasonal inventory requirements forecasts, keeping your inventory always inside the recommended range.

Seasonal inventory requirements and optimum inventory ranges by Item are automatically calculated and stored for you, based on your past seasonal sales and in your forecast growth factor for the coming periods.

Recommended inventory ranges are calculated for you, avoiding the trial and error processes based on “guesstimates”.

Purchase Orders are then generated to fulfill your existing Back Orders and to replenish you inventory, raising or lowering the Item on hand quantities to keep them inside the recommended ranges based on the forecasts for past use and for future forecasted seasonal growth or decreases.

Purchase Orders can be automatically or manually consolidated by Vendor, and automatically transmitted to the Vendors after being reviewed and approved.

Drop Ship sales are taken into consideration when Purchase Order consolidation is done.

Together with our standard automatic commitment of new merchandise received or manufactured, and with our automatic procurement for back orders, the Inventory Dashboard extremely simplifies the task of the Purchasing and Inventory Managers so they can keep the investment in Inventory always at the optimal level, while never missing a procurement, and keeping the back order shipment delays to a minimum.