Custom Reporting Tools

Custom Reporting Tools Our ERP software suites work with databases running onindustry standard database platforms, like Microsoft SQL Server.

Our ERP suites provide more than a hundred different predefined reports, each of them customizable through multiple filters and record selection parameters, resulting in many thousands of different reports, but we also provide our users with different ways of creating customized reports.

We provide our own Financial Reports generator, specialized in creating and customizing your Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Shareholder Reports, Custom Financial Reports, etc.

Another simple method to create reports is by using the Microsoft Access Report Wizard, in a database linked in read-only mode to the ERP live databases. This method allows you to build reports with just a few clicks, or to design very complex reports and queries with graphic designers.

But the core of our strength in custom reporting is that, since we protect the database objects on an object-by-object-user-by-user mode, any standard reporting or data mining tool can be used by your users without the risk of them accessing information to which they are not entitled.

So tools like Crystal Reports or Cube Graph generators can be used by all your users, opening your ERP databases to any level of analysis that your organization could need outside our ERP suites.