Aboard Business Intelligence (Aboard BI)

Seamlessly Integrated with our ERP Suites

Our Aboard Business Intelligence software allows users to dynamically extract and analyze data contained in the ERP Suite database.

The extraction and analysis of data is faster, easier, user friendly and more intuitive, allowing users to easily get answers to on-the-spot questions and complex one-time-only analysis scenarios.

Aboard Business Intelligence (Aboard BI) Users can define Dashboards composed of graphic tiles that display KPIs and tables of data.

Multiple dashboards per user can be defined, each user can have his set of dashboards.

Users can be granted or denied access to a dashboard. The same dashboards can be seen by multiple users.

The KPIs and the data tables can be specified by the users and changed dynamically.

New KPIs can be defined by the users, that extract data through user-definable Data Sources.

New Data Sources can also be defined by the users.

This tool revolutionizes the obtention and analysis of data, freeing users from the conventional and rigid methods of obtaining and analyzing data, like producing reports and exporting them to utility software like Excel.

Data obtained by drilling down from the KPIs, adding filters and imposing conditions, can be printed or exported to the most common file formats like Excel or PDF, and the analysis scenarios that produced the data can be saved to generate the same analysis recurrently without re-specification of the scenario and its filters and conditions.

Drilling down from the KPI tiles in a dashboard automatically generates pivot tables that can be used for creating graphs that can be printed or exported.