Manufacturing Dashboard and Shop Floor Scheduler

Shop Floor Scheduler Our Manufacturing Dashboard and Shop Floor Scheduler will simplify the scheduling of production for you, by creating the optimal production schedule automatically, based on your actual sales requirements combined with your seasonal forecasts.

A production plan will be automatically built by our Manufacturing Dashboard, based on your available inventory or Finished Products Work in Process (WIP) Products and Raw Materials.

That plan can be manually tweaked to provide for emergencies or short term convenience at the plant.

The Manufacturing Dashboard will automatically trigger the creation of Work Orders for necessary WIP products and of Purchase Orders for required Raw Materials.

All scheduled Work Orders and Purchase Orders will be shown in the Dashboard screen, and you can display them on the fly, for easy reference.

After the optimal production plan is created, the Shop Floor Scheduler will automatically allocate the plant resources required to execute the production Work Orders day by day, with detail up to the minute.

The Scheduler works based on an intuitive specification of the resources needed to produce each Finished or WIP product, including machines and other tools and labor of different types.

Manufacturing Dashboard Product schedule restrictions and preferences, as well as complex product change over times for machines can be easily specified and will guide the Scheduler to adjust to your plant peculiarities and your conveniences.

The Scheduler will interact with the Manufacturing Dashboard to provide feedback that is automatically used to adjust the production Plan to the plant resource availability.

The result is that you let the Manufacturing Dashboard and the Shop Floor Scheduler do their automated work and you will get the optimal production schedule for your needs and forecasts.

Just one click will trigger the automatic solution calculation, and after the optimal Production Plan and Schedule have been generated, you can tweak them manually to provide for special cases and emergencies.