Bar Code Printing

Bar Code label printing with custom label formats

Bar Code Printing Our Inventory module provides for 3 different bar codes for Items, for the Item UPC, for the Inner Pack(box) and for the Master Pack (Pallet), plus an extra in-house bar code or Radio Frequency ID tag (RFID Tag).

Items can be located by any of them, and when the Inner Pack or Master Pack Bar Codes are read, the system automatically uses the Inner Pack Quantity or Master Pack Quantity as a Quantity Multiplier.

Together with that sophisticated way of recalling Items, our software also provides a powerful software to print Bar Code Labels of any size on any printer type.
  • Labels
    • Customer designed format and contents
    • Graphic Contents and color contents supported
    • All the different Bar Code Fonts are supported
    • Customer custom labeling supported
  • Printers
    • All standard Bar Code Printers are supported
    • Different printers can be used in different workstations
    • Server can offer centralized label printers to be shared
    • High speed bar code printers supported