Bar Code Fulfillment

Heavy duty, effective, accurate and fast fulfillment software

Bar Code Fulfillment Our Inventory module provides for 3 different bar codes for Items, for the Item UPC, for the Inner Pack(box) and for the Master Pack (Pallet), plus an extra in-house bar code or Radio Frequency ID tag (RFID Tag).

Items can be located by any of them, and when the Inner Pack or Master Pack Bar Codes are read, the system automatically uses the Inner Pack Quantity or Master Pack Quantity as a Quantity Multiplier.

Together with that sophisticated way of recalling Items, our software also provides a powerful software to print Bar Code Labels of any size on any printer type.
  • Box Content Certification
    • For each order picked, packed and shipped, the system verifies that the proper merchandise is in the box, and in the proper quantities
    • Operator verifying the Box contents is identified for accountability
    • Only perfectly filled boxes go on to the nest step
  • Picking and filling the Boxes
    • The Bar Code certification of the box Contents can be done at the fulfillment table or with a tablet computer equipped with a Bar Code Reader while the merchandise is being picked, thus saving trips back to the shelves to fix picking mistakes
    • When picking with a tablet computer, the Box arrives already certified to the weighing station
  • Closing and weighing
    • When the Box contents are certified, a wide sticker label containing the Packing List can optionally be printed to seal the box
    • The sticker label contains the identification of the certifying user
  • Shipping and Tracking Numbers
    • The Box is then put on the scale, ready to be weighed, and the weight can recalculate the actual shipping cost and replace it in the order
  • Invoicing and Payment
    • Optionally, the Invoice can be generated during these steps, to include it inside the box, in which case the wide sticker to seal the box is printed at the end of the process
    • Optionally, the payment can be processed when the Invoice has been generated, by automatically submitting the encrypted Credit Card on file for that order to the Credit Card Processing Company