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Wholesale, Distribution and Importing

Wholesale, Distribution and Importing Our software provides easy and intuitive taking of new Orders, with automatic handling of Back Orders, and auto committing of merchandise to Orders.

Orders can always be edited or deleted by users with the right security permissions.

Automatic handling of procurement of merchandise on Back Order, with auto consolidation of procuring Purchase Orders and discrimination by destination for Drop Ship Orders.

Complete integration to Inventory in real time, for multiple (unlimited) warehouses, and optional Inventory by Location inside the Warehouses.

Automatic Consignment handling permits automatic Consignment invoicing.

Calculation of real Cost of Goods Sold by automatic propagation of Landing Costs, allows the system to calculate the Cost of Goods Sold and the Gross Profits based on the Landed Costs.
  • Sales Documents
    • Full set of documents to handle quotations, orders and returns
    • Quotations with inline Item images
    • Automatic handling of Back Orders
    • Automatic committing of merchandise to Orders
    • Automatic procurement of Back Orders
    • Automatic conversion of units, even across different dimensions, with attributes like density or specific volume of the items
    • Automatic calculation of Shipping Rates, by accessing the Carriers in real time, including checking shipping size, girth and weight restrictions, and getting negotiated rates
    • Automatic tracking of orders pending shipment, pending Invoice, etc.
  • Order management
    • Automatic management of merchandise and back orders
    • Automatic, one-click procurement of back orders
    • Automatic, one-click shipping with optional printing of Packing Lists, Bills of Lading or Picking Lists
    • Multiple filters by customer, order date, delivery date, procurement status, back order status, etc.
  • Automatic Procurement
    • Automatic, one-click generation of Purchase Orders or Work Orders
    • Discrimination by Ship To address for Drop Ship Orders
    • Use of Vendor Aliases to send the Vendor’s Item Codes automatically in the Purchase Orders
  • Sales and Inventory Forecasts
    • Inventory Dashboard to generate seasonal forecasts
    • Automatic generation of purchase plans to fulfill the orders and inventory needs in a “just on time” way
  • Inventory
    • Inventory by Warehouse
    • Optional Inventory by Location inside the Warehouse
    • Multiple Warehouses
    • Consignment Warehouses
    • Landing costs and landed costs
    • Different valuation methods (Weighted Average, FIFO, LIFO and Standard)
  • Purchases
    • Sticky Purchase Prices to automatically build a file of prices by Vendor and Item
    • Full set of Purchase Documents and full set of return To Vendor documents
    • Linking of Vendor Invoices with landing expenses Invoices
    • Automatic prorating of landing expenses over items purchased
    • Automatic tracking of orders pending shipment, pending Vendor Invoice, etc.
  • Commissions Calculation
    • Commissions Calculation by Invoicing and/or by Collection
    • Multiple sales representatives can earn commissions over the same invoices or parts of invoices
    • Automatic recalculation when invoices or payments change
    • Statements of Account for the sales representatives
  • EDI
    • Automatic reception and transmission of EDI information (connection to the EDI Network is not included)
    • Automatic price verification and optional price override for selected EDI partners
    • Automatic verification of incoming EDI orders to prevent errors sent by the partners, with a log of errors for each order
    • Visual interactive correction of orders with errors
  • Order Import from External Sources
    • Import orders from Web Stores
    • Import orders from Amazon
    • Import orders from eBay
    • Import orders from other external sources
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