Stock Management and Inventory tracking made easy

perpetual inventory system

Finally an Inventory System That Works!!!

If you have tried popular and simplistic suites for tracking your business inventory and are frustrated about your results being meaningless and useless, here’s why you will succeed if you use our Perpetual Inventory System with integrated Warehouse Management System:
  • For effective and accurate stock management, a Stock Management System must be integrated by two essential components:
    • A solid Perpetual Inventory System
    • A powerful Warehouse Management System
  • Our Stock Management Suites provide both modules seamlessly integrated with each other, as well as seamlessly integrated with our Back Office operations and Accounting Systems.
  • The Warehouse Management System in our stock management solutions provides for tracking Inventory in unlimited multiple warehouses, and for cross-sales and cross-shipment of goods from different warehouses.
  • In our Management Warehouse System you can track Inventory by Warehouse Location, so you always know not just how much of an Item do you have, but also where is it located.
  • As part of our Warehouse Management System we optionally provide sophisticated features like the ability to display real time warehouse video so you can click on a box displayed in the video to find out what is in that box. This is the ultimate warehouse Management System for companies with multiple warehouses around the world or around the Country.
  • In our stock management solutions, the Perpetual Inventory System deducts and adds inventory at the right moment.
  • We don’t allow manual modifications of the on hand quantities in our Perpetual Inventory System, all changes to your inventory must be handled by posting Inventory Adjustment transactions. This provides accountability as well as accuracy to your stock management system.
  • In our stock management solutions we tie the physical inventory in the operational modules to a control inventory system in the accounting modules for reconciliation of your posted operational activity against your accounting activity. For example, in our Perpetual Inventory System we automatically check that the goods received must match the goods invoiced by your providers, and that the goods shipped must match the goods billed to your customers.
  • In our Perpetual Inventory System we never allow the On Hand Inventory Quantity of an Item to go negative, your merchandise is either sitting on the shelves or it is not. An Inventory System that allows negative On Hand Inventory quantities is a system that capitulates to reality, one that handles the deductions and additions to your Inventory at the wrong time or through the wrong documents, just because it’s easier to implement such a system than a system that accurately reflects your reality.
  • In our Perpetual Inventory System we provide for the precise and automatic handling of back orders and commits.

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