Point of Sale

Point of Sale for Single or Multiple Stores, with support for Multiple Registers per store and store manager and general manager supervisory console

Point of Sale Our Point of Sale software provides support for multiple stores with multiple Cash Registers per store.

Supervisors at the Store Back Offices and at the Company Headquarters can check the status of sales and funds in all Cash Registers in real time without disturbing the work of the cashiers.

The Cash Register software is fully integrated with the Inventory module, and keeps accurate store inventory.

Updates of the Back Office Headquarters accounting is done in real time, so the cash position of the Cash Register accounts are kept updated in real time, and at the moment of closing a Cashier shift, the total Store or General cash accounts are updated instantly as well.

The integration of the Cash Registers with the ERP software permits complex operations by the Cashier, like creating Lay Away accounts in the Accounts Receivable of the Branch or Company.
  • Cash Register
    • Different environments are configurable, like:
      • supermarket-like environments
      • mixed retail and distribution environments
      • coop style cash environments where coop members come and buy on account or pay pending balances
    • Running totals of sales by type of payment
    • Permanent journals, with shift identification and filtering by shift or day
    • Hardware control for poles displays, cash drawers, receipt printers, etc.
    • Pay Accounts Receivable pending invoices at the Cash Register
    • Pay expense from the till operations
    • Middle of the day withdrawals
    • Cash check operations
    • Payment with Credit and Debit Cards, checks, cash and credit charge for Customers with accounts
    • Keep store inventory updated
    • Query inventory in other stores or in the main warehouses for items for special order sales
  • Supervisor module
    • Query and print activity of the current shift or of past shifts with unlimited permanent history
    • Query funds in the cash register
    • Call specific sales or credits to the screen for display or printing
  • Integration
    • Automatic integration with the General Ledger module
    • Automatic integration with the Accounts Receivable module
    • Automatic integration with the Inventory module
    • Automatic integration with the Sales modules for consolidated sales statistics by Store, categories and subcategories of Items, etc.