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Discrete Manufacturing

Manufacturing Sophisticated yet simple to use, our integrated automatic Shop Floor Scheduler and Manufacturing Dashboard provide real automated resource planning, calculating optimal production plans and scheduling resources on the shop to optimally manage production based on your sales and inventory requirements.

Inventory forecasting allows the production plans to provide optimal levels of inventory by seasonally adjusting the forecasts.

Very accurate costing and inventory valuations provide the ultimate tool for analysis of your Cost of Goods Sold and the financial cost of your available Inventory.
  • Production Costs
    • Production costs include non-inventory cost components like labor of different kinds, machine time, electricity, water, etc.
    • Accurate calculation of production costs, based on the actual quantities used, even accounting for inefficiencies, spills, breakage, etc.
    • We know that in your business a fraction of a penny saved per unit, pound or gallon produced counts over large quantities and goes directly to your bottom line, so we calculate Production Costs and subsequently Cost of Goods Sold with the highest accuracy available in any manufacturing software system in the market
  • Inventory Integration
    • Raw materials and components are deducted from inventory, including items wasted or broken and other inefficiencies
    • As a result, your inventory of raw materials and WIP will be very accurate
    • Also as a result, your inventory of Finished Products will be valued very accurately, and the costs will include all the cost components, whether expected, like raw materials or regular labor, or unexpected, like labor overtime or machine breakage times
    • Our Manufacturing module is seamlessly integrated with our Inventory module
  • Lot Tracking and Inventory by Lot
    • Track your lots from cradle to grave, from the Warehouse Receipt with which they are received from the Vendor to the Packing list with which they are shipped to the customer, going through multiple (unlimited) manufacturing steps
    • Produce lists of shipments by lot of raw materials or lists of raw materials lot receptions by lot of finished products, to properly handle recalls and full compliance with government regulations
    • Keep accurate tracking of lot participation and inventory by lot
    • Lot information includes manufacturing date
  • Manufacturing Dashboard
    • From your sales and forecasts you will be able to produce a manufacturing plan with one click using the Manufacturing Dashboard
    • The Manufacturing Dashboard will expand requirements all the way down your chain of formulas, from your Finished Goods to your raw materials and basic components
    • The Manufacturing Dashboard will provide automatic production plans based on your real sales, your pending shipments, your forecast of sales, your existing inventory and your lead times
    • WIP production will be automatically incorporated into your plans
    • The Manufacturing Dashboard will also automatically produce a Purchasing Plan and automatically generate Purchase Orders of the raw materials and basic components that will be needed, analyzing their lead times and allowing them to arrive “just on time” for production, to maximize the efficiency of your inventory investment
  • Shop Floor Scheduler
    • Automatic scheduling solutions are generated with one click, and can then be adjusted manually if needed for emergency situations
    • Our Shop Floor Scheduler will apply the Manufacturing Plan to the Shop Floor Resources to automatically schedule production
    • Our Scheduler will assign factory resources, adjusting the Manufacturing Plan accordingly, to maximize your plant throughput
  • Work Orders
    • The user interface is extremely powerful, yet extremely simple and intuitive, and some features can be restricted for some users, to provide maximum consistency of the information stored
    • Work Orders can be Editedor Deleted as needed by your Manufacturing Manager users
    • Components can be added and/or changed
    • Component quantities can be changed
    • Your Manufacturing Manager users are allowed to add components that are not included in your basic bills of materials, to compensate for special situations that demand flexibility to save a lot after Quality Control
    • Automatic conversion of units, even across different dimensions, with attributes like density or specific volume of the items
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