Graphic Cash Flow Plan for our ERP Suites

Our Graphic cash Flow tool for our ERP software suites generates cash flow predictions and graphs based on:
  • Cash to be collected from Customers
    • Collections are scheduled by expected collection date
    • The expected Collection Dates are calculated based on the date due of the Invoice plus the average payment delay of each customer in the past
    • The module provides detail by pending invoice and date due, and displays the average payment delay of the customer next to each pending Invoice
  • Cash to be paid to Vendors Graphic Cash Flow Plan
    • Scheduled by date due
    • With detail by pending invoice
  • Bank Fees and automatic debits and credits
    • As debited or credited by you in your General Ledger accounts for your banks

The Cash Flow is calculated and exported to an Excel spreadsheet that you can freely work with.

The Excel spreadsheet can then be reimported to schedule payments to vendors as you set them to happen in the worksheet.