Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Integrated in real time with our ERP Suites, all the features of CRM are available in Desktop mode and also in Mobile mode

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Our software provides the only available CRM package that is integrated in real time with the ERP system, for real time access to sales detail and summaries for each Sales Representative.

The Sales Representatives can be organized in multiple Teams, with one or more Team Supervisors.

The activities are scheduled for the Representatives and a complete trail can be inspected by the supervisors.

Activities can be follow-up tasks to other prior activities and/or can be followed by further activities in a single thread.

Activities can be supported by documents of different types which can be opened directly from the system, providing a completely paper free document storage repository.

Records can be kept for Companies that are already customers and for companies that are merely prospects.

The CRM module provides a complete record of all contact persons, all prior communication events and all documents that belong to any customer or prospect.

Emails and Faxes can be sent directly from inside the CRM module, and if your computer or server is connected to phone lines, the software will even dial the phone for your Sales Representatives. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Companies
    • Customers and prospects can be stored
    • All contacts with a company are recorded
    • All documents related to a company are stored
    • Automatic updating of the company information from the ERP customer records when applicable
    • Customizable company profiles allows the users to define what information is stored for each company on record
  • Events
    • Communications of all events of the following types are stored:
      • Emails
      • Phone calls
      • Faxes
      • Meetings
      • Tasks performed
      • Customer support cases
      • Opportunities identified
  • Agenda
    • A comprehensive personal agenda is provided for each Sales Representative
    • Complete unlimited Agenda history
    • Create communications events on the fly from the agenda
    • Color coding of events by approaching time to perform
  • Documents
    • Complete database of documents of any types
    • Documents can be linked to one or more companies and to one or more events or meetings
    • Open documents directly from the CRM module
  • Integration
    • Complete real time integration with the ERP system
    • Sales statistics are provided in real time for customers of the Sales Representative logged in
    • Query specific customer sales documents like Orders, Invoices, Packing Lists, etc.
  • Communications
    • Send emails directly from the software, the emails sent will show in your Outlook
    • Send Faxes directly from the software
    • Call customers directly from the software (the software dials the phone for you)
  • Opportunity Generation
    • Flexible and intuitive interface for generating new sales opportunities, based on the past sales history of existing customers
    • Analysis of the past sales by item categories and sub categories permits the determination of possible sales that can be made. Example: a customer is buying your machines but not the supplies for those machines