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Online Retail

Online Retail Our Web Store systems cover Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B) and combined B2C and B2B environments.

We provide the only Web Store suite completely integrated in real time with a powerful ERP Back Office Package.

Our Integration provides for the fluid flow of orders, invoices and payments into fulfillment and accounting that is needed by big online retailers with a heavy transaction load.
  • Integrated Search Engine Optimizations
    • Our integrated Search Engine Optimizations (SEOs) allows customers to be placed at the top of the searches without the need to pay for expensive search adds
    • Complete set of SEO tools, including automatic generation of site maps and other hooks for the Search Engines
  • Searching for Items
    • Items are defined in the Back Office ERP software, and can selectively be published in the Web Store
    • There is no need to keep dual databases of Items, one for the Web Store and one for the ERP software, our suite uses the same integrated database
    • Items can be organized in unlimited levels of categories and subcategories
    • Categories and subcategories can be viewed as a hierarchical list or as a gallery of images
    • Items can be viewed as a short hierarchical list, as an extended hierarchical list with extra information or as a gallery of images
    • User profiles remember the navigation choices (e.g.: short list, extended list or gallery)
    • Users can search for Items in the entire store or inside a category or subcategory
    • Items are displayed with real time inventory availability information (e.g.: Available, Back Order, etc.)
  • Creating accounts
    • Customers can create accounts and keep multiple billing and shipping addresses on file
    • Addresses can be verified worldwide
    • Customers can store multiple credit and debit cards on file for repeat payments
    • Customer accounts can display past orders with their status
    • Tracking Number hot links in the orders redirect the customer to the carrier Web site for real time tracking information
  • Creating Shopping carts
    • The Web Store software applies prices defined in the Back Office ERP software
    • There‚Äôs no need to maintain a separate database of prices
    • Prices can be customer-specific for certain customers like distributors
    • Shopping carts can be specified in different foreign currencies, for International sales
  • Checking Out
    • Confirmation emails are automatically sent when the orders are placed
    • Confirmation emails are automatically sent when the orders are shipped
    • Several steps for check out allow for multiple special instruction fields like Order Instructions, Delivery Instructions, etc.
    • Carts can be placed anonymously even by customers that have accounts
    • Anonymous carts can be used for fast determination of total cost including shipping
    • There is a final stage in the Check Out process that display the full order with prices, taxes and shipping charges before the customer submits the order
  • Shipping Charges
    • Shipping Rates are obtained in real time from the carriers, including negotiated rates
    • Our Shipping Wizard software checks carrier restrictions of weight, girth and size for the different destinations
    • Our Shipping Wizard software optimizes cost, by automatically evaluating different combinations of boxes, optimizing volume used or number of boxes, getting rates for all of them, and finally suggesting the most affordable one, but allowing the customer to override the selection with a faster delivery method
  • Online Payments
    • Payments are processed online in real time using Credit Cards or PayPal
    • Credit Cards are stored encrypted, with full compatibility with the Payment Card Industry Association
    • Stored Credit Cards are never again displayed, but can be identified by their last four digits
    • Stored Credit Cards can be used manually in the Back Office ERP software for recurrent payments and for issuing refunds
  • Integration
    • All information displayed by the Web Store comes directly from the Back Office ERP software database
    • Information of Inventory availability for online customers is always current (real time)
    • Shipping information is always current
    • All orders and payments are processed instantly into the Back Office ERP software database
    • Fulfillment can be done with one single, very powerful but intuitive screen, which allows one-click generation of Packing and Picking Lists and optionally provides for partial shipments
    • Procurement of back ordered Items is performed automatically, by generation of Purchase Orders that can optionally be consolidated by Vendor
    • Vendor-specific cut off times for ordering
    • Automatic advise an hour before the Vendor cut off time, so purchasing managers can submit the Purchase Orders to optimize lead times for sales back orders
    • Automatic commit to standing back orders of the merchandise being received from the Vendors
    • Tracking of procurement by Sales Order and by Purchase Order or manufacturing Work Order
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